Paraa! Sakay na kayo sa bawat pasada!

The Jeepney Press showcases the unique experiences of Filipinos in Japan. The magazine provides valuable insights into how Filipinos celebrate their journeys in Japan and the fascinating cultural exchange that takes place between the two countries. The articles feature inspiring stories of Filipinos who have made Japan their home and have embraced its culture and way of life.

Every issue is a must-read for anyone who is curious about the Filipino community in Japan and wants to learn more about their exciting experiences. The articles include personal accounts of Filipinos who have experienced living in Japan and how they have adapted to the culture and lifestyle. Additionally, the magazine highlights the various festivals and events that Filipinos celebrate in Japan, including the yearly Philippine Festival in Tokyo.

The Jeepney Press is an excellent resource for those who wish to learn more about the rich Filipino culture and their experiences abroad. It also provides an opportunity to understand the unique challenges and opportunities that Filipinos face as immigrants in Japan. Above all, Jeepney Press is a celebration of the diverse and vibrant community of Filipinos in Japan, and an inspiration to embrace different cultures and experiences.

The year 2023, we celebrated our 20th Anniversary journey. Thanks to all your support!!